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Napa, CA
United States

The Crusher Wine District is a collaboration of avant-garde wineries dedicated to cutting edge wines and honest hospitality.  Our location in the industrial area of South Napa says it all about us – authentic, stripped down & a little funky.  Come visit the Napa Valley you didn’t expect, but will ultimately always remember.


For McBride, wine is about building relationships

Sasha Wright

Vintner Sean McBride said his business, Crosby Roamann, is more than just about making wine.

“It’s about the relationships you have with people,” he said.

“I love sharing wines with people and introducing them to new things.”

1. What was your first job?

My first paying job was as a bar-back at a nightclub in Sag Harbor, on Long Island, New York. My 10- or 12-hour shift earned me about $55 per night.

2. How did you get into this business?

One of my jobs when I went to college in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was as a stock boy at a wine and cheese shop. The owner of the store would pour me a little taste of something that was open and I was allowed to try the cheeses she put out on the sample table.

From then on I was hooked. It’s kind of funny if you think about it … most small-town kids dream of making it to the big city. I was a big city kid that longed to get away to the country.

3. Where does the business name come from?

Our name honors two great women of the McBride family: Sally Roamann, a stage performer and chorus girl in the Roaring 20s known for her firecracker personality, and Norma “Peachy” Crosby, a poet raised in the Great Depression who had a tough-as-nails spirit behind her soft beauty.

When I heard Crosby Roamann, I said, “That’s perfect. If we’re going to make wine, let’s call it that.”

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